Welcome to Pattrick Foundry Engineering

Pattrick Foundry Engineering is the premier Wrought Iron and Cast Aluminum work manufacturer and distributor in Sri Lanka. Our designs and craftsmanship are second to none and all of our iron products are built to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial application, Gate, Hand railing, Balcony, Furniture, Garden bench, roof, decorative lighting and other fixtures makes a fine choice and certainly will increase the curb appeal if not the overall value of the structure with which it is applied.

Patteick Perera interest in metal work began with Harbor work, which introduced him to the unlimited possibilities of forging metal. In the harbor he was a professional welder and he works in deferent field and areas but his favorite was black smith work.

In 1993 he started Wrought Iron and Cast Aluminum workshop from the years of experience in the harbor working with lot of old workers and their ideas. In 2000 he developed the business and named as Pattrick Foundry Engineering. Beginning of it Pattrick family gave him a big support. His first design was a grill done for a temple. In that money he brought lot of tools for his work shop. In the beginning he didn’t have any workers but now he has 4 from tradition and 6 from tradition professionally trained.

Pattrick Foundry Engineering has customers who are with for last 14 years and build his new customers from the exhibitions. He believes that dedication to providing our customers the highest quality service and products at the best possible price customer will never leave us.